Graffiti artists are so often viewed as hooligans and rabble-rousers who vandalize property and cause trouble for respectable members of society. But perhaps their expressive spark can be put to good use?

The Mexican government asked an alternative art group specializing in murals and graffiti known as Germen Crew to paint a village of 209 houses.

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mexicans-painting-town-GermenCrew-FacebookThe result is an entire town covered from street to rooftop with a 215,000 square-foot rainbow. The goal was to try and rehabilitate the town of Palmitas’ image and inspire the local youth.

Germen Crew made sure to ask for community participation to bring the town together for the project.

For the past 13 years, the young painters have created unique forms of street art in hopes of keeping Mexico on the map as a country with a strong and modern cultural identity. The group also aims to challenge whatever stereotypes the world might have about their country and it’s people.rainbow stairs Turkey- Gürol Demirutku-Twitter

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Since Palmitas has been beautified, crime in the community has dropped dramatically and the 452 families living in the town feel happier and more confident in their shining new city.

Photos from Germen Nuevo Muralismo Mexicano on Facebook


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