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From fearsome to festive, the creepy California monster mansion from Halloween has been given a holiday makeover for Christmas. It’s now a giant gingerbread house.

Artist Christine McConnell doesn’t just add lights to decorate her parents’ home at holiday time, she  fully transforms it into something out of movies and fairy tales.

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You may remember — or even still have nightmares about — her eight-eyed, multi-fanged creation a couple of months ago inspired by the movie “Monster House.”


For Christmas, McConnell ditched the usual blinking lights and tacky inflatable Santas, and set out for a one-of-a-kind gingerbread house.

She spent just $700 to turn her childhood home into a huge life-sized version of the traditional tabletop holiday confection.


There are peppermints and gingerbread men adorning the facade, icing on the roof, and — because McConnell has a taste for the macabre even at Christmas — she dressed up her niece and nephew as Hansel and Gretel for the photo shoot.


Being Christmastime, no children were harmed by witches in the making of the holiday house and there’s a happy holiday ending.

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Her parents love to throw a huge Christmas party every year and their house will no doubt be the easiest for party-goers to find on their street.


“My dad, who’s usually a bit of a Grinch, likes it so much he wants to keep it up after Christmas, which is the highest compliment imaginable,” McConnell told TODAY.

Photos: Christine McConnell, Instagram

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