When it comes to birds online, we usually only gawk,
But social media, this time, helped rescue an injured hawk.

It all started when Madeleine Weatherhead was walking to work through downtown Manhattan in New York City, when she saw an adult female raptor standing on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant.

“The bird looked disoriented. It was staring off and wasn’t even paying attention to the fact that there were people close to it,” Weatherhead told The New York Post.

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When the 27-year-old Brooklyn woman spoke to the restaurant staffers, they said that they believed the bird had become stunned from flying into the window.

Weatherbread then called the Animal Care Center of NYC only to have the line go straight to voicemail. Since she didn’t want to leave the raptor on the sidewalk, she snapped a photo of the bird and posted it to social media asking for help.

In addition to several viewers responding with contact suggestions for various animal rescue organizations in New York City, the Wild Bird Fund retweeted the photo of the hawk and tagged NYPD’s first precinct police officers.

Shortly after the Wild Bird Fund retweeted the photo, Officers Maxwell Outsen and Joseph Bellomo arrived on the scene with an animal crate and rescue kit.

The officers managed to wrap the injured bird in a blanket and tuck it safely into the crate before transporting it to the Wild Bird Fund facility.

Rescuers say that the red-tailed hawk was likely injured in an aerial fight with another raptor.

The red-tailed hawk is recovering from its injuries and if its health fails to improve, rescuers say it will be transported to the Raptor Trust in New Jersey.

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