heartgallery-fayeThe file folders of foster kids are filled with bland pictures unable to express the children for who they are, unique individuals longing to be adopted by a loving family. Photographer Jackie Mathey had the idea to try to capture the soul of a foster child in a unique photo session that could express their distinct personality and capabilities. She then displayed the photos at a public exhibition hoping to inspire the audience toward adoption. Not only was the exhibit effective, it’s been *extremely* effective

What became known as The Heart Gallery has now become a national movement. Implemented in 40 states, the Heart Gallery has significantly increased adoption rates. In some places, the adoption rate after an exhibition is more than double the nationwide rate of adoption from foster care. At one New Jersey location, there was a 280 percent increase in adoption inquiries, mostly attributed to The Heart Gallery photographs. heartgallerykids

In addition to founding this inspiring movement, Jackie Mathey was so touched by photographing one foster child, Faye, that she and her husband adopted the child in 2003. Faye is now 14 years old and happy to know that she is in a permanent family and a permanent home. (Read more at ABC’s 20/20)

The Heart Gallery

Cristina Frick is a psychology major at Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, and an enthusiastic supporter of the Good News Network.


  1. Cristina!!!!
    It was good to see your GNN article. I hope all is going well for you at grad school. I was in Chicago last weekend and loved it. Even though I am glad our classes at Otterbein are over, I am thinking of responding to the Chicago School of Psychology letter for grad school for next year. [ I must be a glutton for punishment or just an obsessive compulsive] My best to you. Always, Barbara

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