Shekeb Neda threw his mother on his back and rushed down the steps in Grenfell Tower as fast as he could during the recent fire disaster to save her life.

The 24-year-old recent college graduate of Kingston University sprinted through choking black smoke down 24 flights from their home on the top floor to reach a safe place, where she then collapsed.

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The housewife who has a muscle disease is currently recovering in the hospital, according to the Mirror.

“He is a hero,” a family friend, Fahim Muzhary, told the UK’s Sun newspaper. “In the chaos, all the screaming and shouting, he picked up his mother and carried her down from the very top floor.”

Shekeb, who earned a degree in mechanical engineering after moving with his parents to the UK from Afghanistan, likely lost his father in the blaze. (See family photo above)

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