Makers of high-end spirits are buying overripe, misshapen, and undersized fruit directly from farmers across America, doing their part to reduce food waste.

From California to Colorado, Oregon to Michigan, distillers are using tons of fruit that would otherwise go to waste because they are too flawed to be sold to consumers.toilet-paper-roll-emdot

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“To produce 10,000 cases of artisanal spirits annually, including pear eaux de vie and apple brandy, Clear Creek Distillery partnered with a packing house to buy upwards of 600,000 pounds of pears a year, using up to 30 pounds of fruit for each bottle,” reports

“It goes from a pear worth two cents to a bottle of spirits that retails for $80.”

(READ the full story from Civil Eats) – Photo by MTSOfan, CC

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