Fewer bags are being lost by airlines these days, but a new electronic tracking device might ensure that you never lose a bag again.

At the end of this year, Air France and KLM are releasing a pair of tools that passengers can use to track their suitcases using a smartphone app.

Working with FastTrack Company, Samsonite and KPN, they began looking for a solution that caters to the needs of all passengers, airlines and airports.

The result is eTag and eTrack, two devices that can work together to take away the uncertainty of checking luggage while traveling by air.

The electronic baggage label, eTag, and the eTrack, which syncs with a homing device placed in your luggage, both work use Bluetooth technology.

It has been talked about for a long time, replacing the paper luggage tags with permanent bag tags, but this latest development makes it clear that this revolution is not far away at all. It’s also available for wallets, some models are shown on It’s clear that, the future will have a lot less lost and a lot more found.

(READ the story via NPR)

Thanks to Harley Hahn for sending the link!


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