This highway underpass previously was an unremarkable, dark, and dank pedestrian tunnel. Now, thanks to a Polish art collective, it has been transformed into a breathtaking walkway of color and sound.

“The Music Tunnel” was created as an homage to its musical home city, Katowice, a place famous for being called The Creative City by UNESCO.

Connecting the streets of Tylna Mariacka and Wojewódzka, the Music Tunnel was first covered in a fresh coat of white paint in preparation for the installation.

Now completed, it features hundreds of LED lights and hanging PVC pipes. Since there is usually a breeze running through the tunnel, the pipes click together to make a soothing sound.

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Pedestrians are encouraged to participate in the hypnotic atmosphere by moving the pipes as they walk through the tunnel.

AntyRAMA, the art collective responsible for the installation, reportedly said that their reasoning behind the tunnel was that “music is one of the inherent elements of human culture”.

Check out the great photos and local news video below…

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