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Shelter residents are harvesting organic produce to nourish themselves while growing their skills for an eventual return to the workforce.

The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless started its rooftop garden in 2009 to teach homeless people about urban farming and organic food production.

Now the gardeners harvest from 80 beds that grow various greens, vegetables and fruits. The scope of its sustainable agriculture initiative includes beekeeping, with 1,300 bees for pollination and producing honey, and collecting rainwater to irrigate the crops.Prison garden screenshot MD Dept Public Safet

Inmates Grow Along With the Gardens They Tend Behind Bars


Shelter resident-volunteers tend to the garden as part a partnership with Truly Living Well – a training program that also distributes fresh produce to farmer’s markets and local restaurants.

In addition to harvesting food for the homeless, the program provides volunteers with training in garden planning, plant selection, food storage and a whole ‘crop’ of invaluable skills to prepare them for careers in urban farming.

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