jp-hayes-golfer.jpgJ.P. Hayes is the personification of ‘a good sport’. The latest candidate for most honest athlete in America is a 43-year-old golfer who hasn’t won a PGA tournament in six years. He had one last chance in November to do just that, and gain a spot on next year’s PGA Tour, but he turned himself in to officials for accidentally using an unsanctioned ball in tournament play.

No one knew but him, yet he reported the incident to PGA officials. So because Hayes decided to be honest, he will not be able to participate in next year’s PGA Tour, losing out on the chance to earn a substantial income.

But Hayes says it was important to tell the truth…
(ESPN has the story and video)


  1. Great show of integrity! What a world we would have with more athletes and all people for that matter acting with this type of character.

    One small detail about the story. George Washington did not confess to chopping down a cherry tree. It is a story made up by parson Mason Locke Weems to help sell his books in the 19th century.

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