attract-it-boook.gifSudbury, Ontario- "Attract It: Beyond Positive Thinking" is believed to be the first book of its kind written by an executive from the health care sector. Newly-retired hospital CEO, Gisèle Guénard, is known among her Canadian collegues for "saying the words". Now she is speaking out with a new book that calls for us to literally change the way we think, and to join the ‘Positive Change Movement’ to help better the world. "We are at a time in history when all hands must be on deck to positively impact our future in every way we possibly can."

She has dedicated over 30 years to putting patients first, and is known as a vocal advocate of "doing good with what we know". Well-known for her successful direction in the health care sector, Guénard is now providing leadership services and guidance based on time-honored positive thought and action strategies she has applied throughout her life and career.

She teaches a simple two-step method based on "Healthy Thinking" and the law of Attraction, applicable in personal and professional life. She encourages people of all ages, and especially leaders, to change the way we think, to not only "be, do and have more of what we truly want" but, to use the 2 step strategy she teaches to literally change the world. The last page of her book is a ‘copy-ready’ tool for helping to accomplish that by joining in daily common thought.

Guénard grew up in rural Canada, and worked her way through many challenges. She rose from Registered Nurse to hospital CEO, a position from which she is enjoying early retirement, thanks to her use of the strategies taught in the book. Local media knows Guénard’s mother Yvonne as a positive powerhouse and Guénard credits her success to the principles taught by her Mother, whose amazing story is woven into the first chapter of the book.

Guénard reflects, "My Mother’s death at 94 was the trigger to writing this book. She faced many hard times in her life, yet to everyone’s amazement, even in the end, blind and dangerously frail, she maintained her positive attitude, looked on the bright side, and always found something to look forward to. It worked for her, and I know it works in the professional world as well….especially in the face of challenges."

Guénard felt it was time for her to help others learn the strategies that worked for her and her colleagues, including what she calls the "natural" law of Attraction. She credits the famed 1956 Earl Nightingale recording "The Strangest Secret", which she heard over 20 years ago, for crystallizing in her the importance of this information to individuals and people charged with the care of others.

"Thinking clearly about the desired outcome for ourselves and those we care for, increases our chances of better results and makes us more effective in helping others and creating change", she says.

More recently, Rhonda Byrne’s film and book, "The Secret", has popularized the Earl Nightingale ‘secret’ discovery. The Good News Network, which Guénard now turns to as a part of her daily routine, provides the positive news that is part of the ‘Positive Change Movement’. "Attract It: Beyond Positive Thinking" closes with an inspiring one-page tool for helping to incorporate more positive thinking into our daily lives.

"Though it may sound trite", she says, "together we can change the world…and in fact, there is no other way it can occur."

Attract It: Beyond Positive Thinking is available at and local bookstores.

Gisèle founded VisionarEase Inc., a Canadian corporation offering positive change leadership, consulting, and executive consultation.


  1. Hope
    About 2 weeks ago I wrote Geri an email stating that I would like to see readers of the GNN collectively make a statement of betterment. And she graciously responded! 🙂 (Thank you Geri!)
    My chosen issue of betterment, to collectively band together over, would be health care in the United States. Not only from a financial issue, but from a “we care about you” and you are not on your own issue thus creating a true real sense of our country does care for each and every one of us. (See movie SICKO). Health care should not be a matter of the one with the most toys wins. AS Gisele states: “Together We Can Change The World”. Common GNN readers, lets choose a cause and rally round it and make a statement to our legislators! Thank you for listening here. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

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