Gov. Deval Patrick visits Brockton HS, by Eugena Ossi, Gov's officeA decade ago, Brockton High School was a case study in failure. Among the 4,100 mostly low-income students, one in three dropped out.

Then a handful of teachers decided to take action. They persuaded administrators to let them organize a schoolwide campaign to improve instruction with a focus on reading and writing.

Their efforts paid off quickly. This year and last, Brockton outperformed 90 percent of Massachusetts high schools.

A new movie, Waiting for Superman, portrays five small charter schools — most with only a few hundred students — as the way forward for American schooling.

But, the success of Brockton and other large schools, is featured in a new Harvard study, “How High Schools Become Exemplary,” which essentially busts the myth that small class size is a requirement for solving the educational crisis.

(READ the article in the NY Times)

Thanks to Barry Stevens for submitting the story! Photo credit: Gov. Deval Patrick visits Brockton HS, Eugena Ossi, Gov’s office


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