Neil Thomas Douglas and doppleganger on plane Twitter

Imagine boarding a plane to find that the person sitting in your seat looks exactly like you?

That’s what happened to photographer Neil Thomas Douglas as he got ready to travel from Glasgow, Scotland to Galway, Ireland on Thursday night.

The two just had to take a once-in-a-lifetime selfie—and they thought that was the end of it.

Later, however, they discovered their doppelganger had checked into the same hotel. And that night, the pair ran into each other again at the same pub–and took a final selfie with a pint.

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The photos were retweeted thousands of times, with media outlets clamoring for their story. Guys with full ginger beards were even tweeting photos saying they were twins.

Douglas, who says his bearded buddy is now a Facebook friend, tweeted, “Internet. You are crazy. Thanks for a surreal few days, highly amusing!”

(WATCH the video below from Inside Edition) Photo: Neil Thomas Douglas

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  1. Perhaps they are identical twins, raised apart, without any awareness of one another. DNA tests should settle the matter. I would certainly be willing to try if if I thought that I had a previously unknown twin brother.

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