As a means of protecting their wildlife and region, the city of Aspen, Colorado has opted to swap out their usual Fourth of July fireworks in favor of a synchronized drone show.

Colorado’s recent droughts have spurred law enforcement to issue fire warnings and restrictions across the state.

So instead of endangering the animals, wilderness, and land surrounding the city, Aspen will be hosting a colorful light show of 50 drones synced to patriotic music tonight in Wagner park.

Plus, indoor pets won’t be in danger of being spooked away from their homes by the loud bangs of fireworks.

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The show, which is being organized by Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA), starts tonight at 9:15PM local time.

“We had to come up with a highlight for our celebrations so we’re doing a drone show. It should be fun, a bit new age,” said Acra’s spokeswoman Melissa Wisenbaker.

“If we are having these increased fire dangers and risks every year, then we would like to have alternatives so people can end the night on a good note,” she added.

(WATCH a breath-taking example of a drone show below)

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