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This little boy may only be 6 years old, but he’s got a big enough heart to give away his toys to the less fortunate.

While other kids may be setting up lemonade stands to make some pocket change, Blake Work took to his driveway with a pile of toys and a sign reading: “Cheer up, kids! Come to Black Work’s house, we have free toys for you!”

The youngster got the generous idea when he became stressed out while cleaning his room.

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“He was overwhelmed with all the toys and we talked about those toys being blessings. We explained to him that not every kid gets to have toys like that, if any. That REALLY hurt his heart,” Blake’s mom, Melissa Ann Work, told the Good News Network. “Then he said ‘I have an idea….’”

Considering their family lives in a more suburban neighborhood of Hudson, Florida, Melissa spread news of the toy stand via local garage sale websites.

For four hours, Blake stayed at his station to distribute his gifts accordingly.

“One couple explained to us that they didn’t have much money. They had an 18-month-old son. They were so grateful, but simply wanted the books. So I told that to Blake and he ran back inside and grabbed more for them. They were so grateful.”

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“I’m sure he has something up his sleeve with doing something like this again. I definitely encouraged it. It inspired me to do something similar in the near future,” added Melissa.

The toys that Blake didn’t sell, he gave to his kindergarten teacher. The goodies will be used as rewards for good behavior in the classroom.

“We are proud of him. This is the same kid who comes over to me in the middle of me cleaning the house, and he just looks up at me and thanks me for doing so. He’s something special.”

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