Computer class in Asia - Intel photoIntel is on a mission to bring computers to young people in developing regions. Since September 2009, a team of 100 Intel employees has traveled around the world training villagers to use its Intel-powered classmate PCs.

Intel’s Education Service Corps have empowered more than 40,000 students and a thousand teachers in places as 7 countries as diverse as Vietnam and Bolivia.

The Intel employees are thrilled with every opportunity to leave the gift of education around the world working with non-governmental organizations in support of the child-sized laptop computers.

“While we were sent as teachers, it was us who ended up with most of the learnings,” says Linda Qian.

In another commitment to education, Intel reached a milestone last month celebrating 10 million teachers trained through Intel® Teach, its professional development program that enables educators to integrate technology into their lessons.

Now in its second decade of working with national, regional and local educators and governments in more than 70 countries, Intel says its program is the largest and most successful of its kind. According to their estimates, more than 300 million students have been prepared to learn, lead and succeed by teachers trained in Intel Teach.

“Through my Intel Teach unit, my enthusiasm for teaching has been reborn,” said Angie Hillman, an Intel Teach Master Teacher and language arts specialist at Cottonwood Middle School in Arizona. “In this day and age, with all the state testing and other things weighing heavy on educators, I had lost my focus on how to make learning fun. In creating my Intel unit, I have been able to bring that fun back into my classroom with the highest level of instruction possible for my students.”

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