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This is a month-old news story, but I am not sure if any of your readers have heard about it. Its been on every website but largely overshadowed.

A young Iranian man escaped a hangman’s noose with just seconds to spare when his victim’s mother chose forgiveness, and the high-profile campaign to save his life ended.

The mother of the man he murdered seven years ago in a street fight refused to accept an offer of money, which is her right under Iranian law, until the very last moment at the gallows.

As the blindfolded convict awaited his fate, a grieving Samereh Alinejad pardoned the killer, imparting only a slap on his face as punishment.

“I am a believer. I had a dream in which my son told me that he was at peace and in a good place,” Alinejad was quoted as saying. “After that, all my relatives, even my mother, put pressure on me to pardon the killer.”

“Now that I’ve forgiven him, I feel relieved”, she added.

(READ the full story, with photo, at DNA India)

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