Instead of taking your laptop to a coffee shop in Northern Israel, you might want to go sit under a tree instead.

A brown metal sculpture of a tree trunk with branches rising to the sun holding seven solar panels aloft was unveiled in a park this month near Mount Carmel. The eTree provides shade and power as well as wi-fi and chilled drinking water for dogs and people.

Solar energy expert Michael Lasry dreamed up the design and hired an artist to bring a new way of enjoying solar power to the community.

ETree provides a relaxing shaded resting area for passers by and, with the energy produced from the solar panels, offers services such as: mobile phone charging stations, free Wi-Fi, drinking water from a water cooler, night lighting and a water trough for animals.

The energy also activates a camera and LCD screen displaying information such as: weather, educational and environmental contents. The LCD screen was designed to allow for communication between eTrees planted in different locations around the world.

The unique renewable community station from Sologic’s Solar Giving project, withstands any weather condition and is radiation-free.

(WATCH the video below and READ the feature story from NPR)

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