Note drawn by child To NoahSix-year-old Noah Pozner’s family wanted letters from his friends and relatives buried with him, and now thanks to social media and the compassion displayed by one airline, their wish will be granted –and some family members who live far away will feel closer.

On Sunday, Noah’s aunt, who lives in Seattle, tweeted to Delta and JetBlue asking for help getting notes from her and the boy’s 5-year-old cousin to Connecticut in time for today’s funeral.

JetBlue immediately sprang into action and got the letters onto the red-eye flight from Seattle to New York.

In response, Noah’s aunt, Victoria Heller (@VDog) tweeted, “Deepest thanks to @JetBlue flight attendant Craig Myers for carrying the notes from Seattle (and) Trisha & Heather @JFK for helping receive them”.

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