After 16 years of hosting “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart and his family said goodbye to New York City–and ‘hello,’ to life on a farm.

The Stewart family now includes four dogs, two pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs, among numerous other pets.

Jon’s wife Tracey is promoting her first book called Do Unto Animals, How We Can Make Their Lives Better, which extols the virtues of every creature, including bugs and bats, and living a vegan lifestyle.

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But what has Jon been doing for the last two months?

Besides basking in the string of victories that landed his beloved NY Mets in the baseball championships, his new rural rhythm, 50 miles outside the Big Apple, in New Jersey, includes driving the kids to school, taking them to the car wash, and stopping for smoothies.

“He has become the mayor of the smoothie bar,” Tracey told CBS–and, she wasn’t joking.

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“I don’t miss it for a moment,” said the happy, bearded former fake-news host.

“The joy is in creating it, in growing it, and evolving it,” said Stewart, of his life on the Daily Show. “When it becomes rote or redundant, then you feel like, ‘I’m not really adding a lot of value to this anymore.’”

He admits he still works and gets to write and feel creative, but with a flexible schedule–and no suits, ties, or shaving, anymore.

To keep up with life on the Stewarts’ farm, check out their Facebook page, “The Daily Squeal” named after the little piglets who live there.

(WATCH the pair videos below from CBS This Morning) – Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur, via CBS video


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