Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Pop Tarts are a few of the breakfast foods that young children will no longer see advertised on TV unless the foods can be reformulated to meet specific nutritional guidelines for calories, sugar and fat. Under pressure from watchdog groups, The Kellogg Company announced the voluntary change today and also said it would "stop using licensed characters or branded toys to promote such foods unless they meet the nutrition guidelines." (NY Times)


  1. Its sad that it takes pressure to make these big profit making companies see that what they do in the name of profit is killing America!

    I would say, if a company is supplying food that is consider unhealthy its the job of the FDA to close them down, or stop the product from being sold. But that doesnt happen here in America. The FDA is partners with Big Business and protects them more than the people of the country.

    The FDA should be shut down and a company that is monitored daily by the people of this country should be opened up.

    First on the list, ban Trans Fat completely. As of now, the FDA allows Corporations to advertise their products as Trans Fat free as long as the product contains no more than .5 grams of Trans Fat PER SERVING! What a disgrace to the FDA and the country. This leaves such a loophole, which the FDA obviously was aware of when creating such a guidline, for Corporations to reduce the serving size to trick people into continuing to eat their foods.

    Close the FDA, and for that matter lets completely reform the political government. Its far to corrupt and the people in power have been involved with each other far too long, which allows for far too many “inside deals” to be carried out behind the scenes and out of the public eye.

    Please send you comments to the FDA and your local Senate Rep.

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