Kohls Green Scene storeKohl’s Department Stores has won its third Green Power Partner of the Year Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy for its extensive efforts at creating Earth-friendly stores and operations that focus on energy efficiency, renewable power, and LEED building standards.

Kohl’s has distinguished itself in 2011 by purchasing 1.4 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, offsetting more than 100 percent of the company’s purchased electricity use. According to EPA, Kohl’s current green power purchase is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions of more than 192,000 passenger vehicles per year, or 122,000 American homes. The company joined EPA’s Green Power Partnership in 2006 and made an initial purchase of more than 80 million kwh of renewable energy credits in 2007.

“In 2011, we increased our green power enough to offset the electricity requirements for each of our 39 new stores opening in 2011,” said John Worthington, Kohl’s chief administrative officer. “We were also pleased to add 16 new solar locations this year in addition to our first two wind locations.”

Other green moves include a companywide commitment to recycling and waste reduction, environmentally responsible building design, construction and operation, and a strong commitment to energy efficiency. Currently, the company operates more than 100 solar locations in nine states and has more than 650 ENERGY STAR labeled locations – more than any other department store. Since fall 2008, Kohl’s has also committed to building all new, ground-up stores according to LEED precertified prototypes and has most recently earned LEED Gold precertification for its new store designs from the U.S. Green Building Council. To date, Kohl’s has more than 200 LEED-certified locations nationwide.

“EPA’s Green Power Leadership Award winners are driving the development of new renewable energy sources and demonstrating that green power makes good environmental and business sense,” said Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

The award was given last week at the 2011 Green Power Leadership Awards held as part of the annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference in San Francisco, Calif. Green Power Leadership Awards recognize the country’s leading green power purchasers for their commitment and contribution to helping advance the development of green power sources.

Additional information about Kohl’s environmental efforts is available at www.KohlsGreenScene.com.

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