vegas-chefs-serve-kids.jpgPrincipal Sherrie Gahn said she was shocked when she first came to Whitney Elementary School seven years ago. “The kids were eating ketchup packets,” trying to scrape a meal together.

About 75 percent of her 622 students are homeless, or nearly so. Under Gahn’s leadership, Whitney Elementary has become a lifeline for families — at once a food bank, clothing drive, Christmas charity, dental clinic and hair salon all in one.

After this moving story ran on CNN about the Las Vegas school over Thanksgiving — when famous Vegas chefs came to the school preparing lunch — donations have poured in, over $75,000 worth. “There are bread donations and shoe donations, and local physicians donate their time to give physicals and eye exams.”

See how Principal Gahn cares for school children, and their families going beyond the typical model of education.


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