ramallah-cook-microloan.jpgTwo Jews and two Palestinians in the U.S. launched a website on Thursday that allows you to make a small loan directly to women entrepreneurs in the Palestinian Territories.

The new site, Lend for Peace, works with US government-approved microfinance institutions on the ground to deliver your capital along with training and guidance to low-income individuals who are interested in starting or expanding their own small businesses. Your loan for as little as $25.00 is repaid over a set period of time as your micro-entrepreneur builds economic self-sufficiency and a stake in peace.

Browse through photos of craft makers and seamstresses, farmers and grocers, to make a loan and a personal connection with women like Safa, pictured above, who is is producing and selling homemade pickles and meatballs to local restaurants. 

The 22 year-old with two children requested her first loan of $500 to help expand her already rapidly growing enterprise. Lend for Peace has already raised $425.00 for her.

Let’s adopt someone’s business as a Good News Network community project!  The repayment term is usually one year, repaid monthly. I will make the first loan of $50.00.

LendforPeace.org has secured grants from the Clinton Global Initiative, Ashoka Youth Venture, and Davis Projects for Peace.

To learn more, lend a hand, and make a loan, go to: LendforPeace.org

(Thanks to Robin Margolis for alerting GNN-i to this wonderful project!)


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