Daelynn-Moore cuts hair for sick kids-Blog-submitted

Almost 4 months ago, I lost my sister to stage IV metastasized breast cancer. It was a very hard loss. So when my Mother called to tell me that she had been diagnosed with stage IV metastasized lung cancer just weeks later, my 5-year old daughter, Daelynn, and I were heartbroken. We made a special trip to Wisconsin a week ago to spend time with my Mother and say our goodbyes, which we hope won’t be the last.

A few days ago, Daelynn saw a commercial on television about donating hair to those who have cancer. First, she asked if she could give hers to Grandma. I told her that Grandma probably would rather her donate it to another little girl who might need it more. She asked if I thought her hair was long enough to share with someone who needs it, to which I said yes. I told her it would mean that she would have short hair, and she told me in a very positive voice, “Yes, it’s only hair, it’ll grow back!”

Dear hair, we’ve been together a long time…

Today she decided it was time for the cut and was very excited about sharing her hair. We measured and cut off 9 inches, which she placed in a Ziploc bag.

She then made a speech so sweet, that I got all teared up.

“Dear hair, we’ve been together a long time, but I know you will make any little girl who can’t have her own hair very happy.”

Then she jumped up and started clapping. ballymote-auto-car

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She LOVES her short hair and says that now two people are happy. I told her that more than just two people are happy and that I was so proud of her for choosing to do such a beautiful thing for someone else. She wanted me to make note that she was sending her hair in honor of her Aunt Kelsie and her Grandmother Kay Lee.