I believe most parents of kids with cancer would agree that there are an infinite number of stresses in this life of childhood cancer. Yet there were so many strangers that came into our lives who seemed to understand what we were going through.

Having lost our jobs, living on the generosity of others is scary. We didn’t live in the city so anytime our vehicle made an odd noise or we knew it needed repairs, I felt sick. The first time we took our van in to get fixed after her diagnosis, I chewed on my finger nails knowing how little money we had, yet having a way to get her to the hospital was paramount. I knew we could always call an ambulance, but true to how deep my worry went, “What if for whatever reason the ambulance couldn’t get to her? It was and is our job to protect her.”

So there I stood in front of the counter waiting to hear the total “damage” – I knew it would be over a thousand dollars.

But Dave handed me the keys and when I asked how much it was, he said not to worry about it– they looked after it.

Doing this once was truly shocking, but Dave and Chris from Ballymote Auto did it time and time again.

When hearing that a customer was getting rid of their van, which still had some miles left in it, they told this customer about us and before we knew it, we could breath again for awhile.

Submitted family photo

They continued to help us until we finally moved closer to hospital. We could never repay all they have done for us and if there is ever a time in our lives when we are in a position to impact their lives, the way they did ours, we will.

They helped us in a very difficult financial time, but they also reminded me just how much people care – that even if you cannot always count on those you call family, there are strangers that become friends, not out of obligation, but because they want to.

Ballymote Auto in Ballymote, Ontario, Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts!

Photo via Ballymote Auto Service