men rescue car by sitting screenshot INA

When a tourist’s car rolled, out of control, toward a watery end in the Bosphorus Strait, some quick-thinking locals in Istanbul, Turkey sprang into action — and sat down.

Four men jumped onto the hood of the car as it teetered on the edge of a stone pier, just feet above the water, using their body weight as counterbalance. They sat calmly atop the see-sawing car, waiting for help to arrive.

The Canadian tourist forgot to set the parking brake, and the empty rental car rolled backward, across sidewalks, down steps — not stopping until its rear half was dangling over the edge of the pier.

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By the time the lady returned, a tow truck was pulling the car to safety, while at least two men remained on the hood for balance.

It may not have been a fast-paced rescue, but it was a smart one — and the tourist will likely get her rental deposit back.

(WATCH the video below from Ihlas News Agency) — Image from INA video

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  1. Something tells me this isn’t the first car to roll down the street and topple into the drink. These guys were quick witted enough to know exactly what to do. The tourist should be grateful all she has is a big towing bill instead of having to pay the rental agency to replace an entire car.

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