men rescue car by sitting screenshot INA

When a tourist’s car rolled, out of control, toward a watery end in the Bosphorus Strait, some quick-thinking locals in Istanbul, Turkey sprang into action — and sat down.

Four men jumped onto the hood of the car as it teetered on the edge of a stone pier, just feet above the water, using their body weight as counterbalance. They sat calmly atop the see-sawing car, waiting for help to arrive.

The Canadian tourist forgot to set the parking brake, and the empty rental car rolled backward, across sidewalks, down steps — not stopping until its rear half was dangling over the edge of the pier.

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By the time the lady returned, a tow truck was pulling the car to safety, while at least two men remained on the hood for balance.

It may not have been a fast-paced rescue, but it was a smart one — and the tourist will likely get her rental deposit back.

(WATCH the video below from Ihlas News Agency) — Image from INA video

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