A young singer can turn himself into a one-man choir by recording himself performing the roles of up to 20 choristers and looping them over each other at the same time.

20-year-old Luca Wetherall records himself singing various roles in classical songs—from a low bass to a high soprano—in his bedroom at Oxford University.

The countertenor then overlaps them all to create the illusion of a room full of singers performing 19th-century choral compositions.

The music scholar has been uploading the renditions on TikTok in a bid to introduce younger people to choral music—and has racked up more than ten million views.

The second-year student from Aigburth, Liverpool, said, “I was watching people singing pop songs on TikTok and I wanted to put choral music out there too.

“I decided to start recording in my student bedroom from scratch, trying to figure out how to make it sound professional by myself.

“Choral music has this stereotype of being boring, old, and outdated—people often don’t actually listen before they judge.

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“This way I think people can look on it with fresh eyes and see it for what it really is.”

Luca starting singing with his elementary school choir, and become a choral scholar at Liverpool Cathedral before securing a music scholarship at Merton College.

When live performances were shelved during the pandemic, Luca began recording himself singing from his university bedroom.

Normally performing alongside dozens of other singers in a choir, Luca experimented with overlapping many different recordings of himself to form a one-man choir.

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If you’d like to hear more, Luca’s debut EP—The Blue Bird—will be released on October 11.

(WATCH the beautiful video of his work below.)

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