West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

It was a case of ‘all’s wool that ends wool’ for five sheep who found themselves on the rooftop of a house in Yorkshire—and were successfully rescued by local firemen.

While goats are famous for appearing on all fours in places that boggle the mind, these five farm sheep had apparently leapt from a nearby field onto the roof, where they then found themselves quite stuck.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were called to Barnsley Road in Newmillerdam, England— where rescue officer Damian Cameron worked with a local landowner to create a makeshift bridge the sheep could use to escape from the roof.

Cameron reckoned that one sheep noticed that he could make the leap from the paddock to the roof.

This Rambo then dragged the other four there instinctually, as the flock animals prefer to stay as a team.

Fortunately it all turned out well, as all five sheep alighted the bridge and back into the paddock.

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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue tweeted that “it wasn’t quite the night on the tiles those sheep were hoping for!”

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

We’re just hoping the animals weren’t feeling too ‘sheepish’ after their adventure.

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