ludacris_2008.jpgGrammy-winning rapper Ludacris held an essay contest for people struggling through life without a car. Yesterday, 20 winners took home new used cars to help them either get to their jobs or continue to search for employment.

The 31-year-old rapper felt he could step in and move them ahead, partnering with a suburban Atlanta dealership for the giveaway.

Each of the used vehicles included free gas for 30 days. Winning contestants were responsible for tags, registration, tax and insurance. About 4,000 contestants submitted a 300-word essay to the rapper’s foundation, explaining why they deserved a car. 

Roberta Shields, President of The Ludacris Foundation said, “We wanted to do something to help youth and families manage during these tough economic times. Having a vehicle to get back and forth to work and daycare can make the difference in getting and keeping a job.” 

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