Center Lovell Inn in Maine

For anyone who has dreamed of running a country inn, now is the time to act — and write. Janice Sage is holding an essay contest to give away her historic Maine inn and restaurant.

The owner of Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant acquired the the 210-year-old classic in an essay contest 22 years ago, and wants to pass it along the same way.

To win the property, which is three hours north of Boston and worth about $900,000, all you need to do is mail a $125 entry fee and the winning story. (You also need to vow to run the inn for at least a year and not change the paint colors, and Janice must receive the essays by May.)

The deal has been vetted by Maine officials and the Boston Globe reports the victor will receive $20,000 to start running the property, which includes a wraparound porch, a cavernous kitchen, and 12 acres close to Kezar Lake.

(READ the Boston Globe story, w/ photos, or from Reuters)

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