A new survey of 2,000 Americans found that the holiday spirit transcends the physical realm, as half of those polled said they wished they could give somebody in their life something intangible this year.

Of that half, 70% wish they could give somebody good health, while another 43% wish they could gift somebody with patience.

With one in three Americans wishing they could gift somebody “less stress” this holiday season, the perfect gift is probably not hiding in a department store after all.

In fact, the study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Slumber Cloud, found that 60% wished they could gift somebody in their life with peace of mind.

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Another 42% wished they could give somebody rest and 47% said they wish they could give the gift of time.

While giving somebody an intangible gift would be great, most of us must settle for spending money on something physical.

Excluding gifts for their partner, the average American plans to spend $170 this year on gifts for their loved ones—and that money will be spread across an average of eight people.

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However, if money were no object, what would Americans splurge on?


“A new car for my mom.”
“A ticket to the Philippines for my mom to visit her family.”
“A home for my mom.”
“A happier life and peace of mind for my mom.”
“A more comfortable motorized wheelchair for my husband.”
“A paid college tuition for my friend.”
“A small retirement home for my husband and I so he would be under less stress.”
“A trip to Italy for my dad.”
“A secluded island for my mom to relax.”
“A front row meet and greet Neil Diamond ticket for my mom.”

If you find yourself in a last-minute situation—and you can’t find a way to gift them patience—another OnePoll survey suggested that the majority of Americans preferred to receive a heartfelt present rather than something from a store.

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