dog keeps watch over owners grave LA VOZphotoAn Alaskan malamute with a nose for mischief suddenly found a new mission for her afternoons: paying a daily visit to an ailing elderly neighbor and easing the stress of an entire family.

Normally Carol gets complaints about the dog, but this unexpected knock at the door was different.

A man said, “We have a sliding-glass door that we usually keep open in the summer, and every day for the last several weeks your dog has wandered off the street and come uninvited into my house.”

Carol jumped in, “I’m so sorry.”

But it turns out the man had come over to thank her. His father, who had Alzheimer’s, was living with them and needed constant monitoring. His agitated behavior exhausted everyone in the house.

Until the dog showed up.

She wandered into the house through the sliding door and made straight for the man’s father. “She sat right beside him, like she had planned to visit him all along.”

He began stroking her and stroking her, and fell peacefully asleep. “He slept two full hours,” the neighbor said. “It was the biggest midday reprieve my wife and I have had in years.”

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