"Malawi youth William Kamkwamba, without formal education or training, and having dropped windmill homemadeout of school for lack of funds, constructed a windmill that could generate enough energy for a few light bulbs and a radio, changing his family’s life forever." No more expensive paraffin candles, with the smoke that burned his eyes. The household is bright and clean even on non-windy days since William rigged a car battery to store the energy. Blogs carrying his inspiring story led to an American speaking engagement and funds for his education. (Inhabitat)


  1. That’s brilliant!

    His personality type on the widely accepted system by psychologists I reckon may be ENTP – the inventor. Just shows what a few books can do, all they need is a little knowledge from books. His ingenuity at solving his problems is remarkable. I hope he has a great future now his education is being sorted out. Hope he gets all the money needed.

    The books that lead to his knowledge about this can be donated at http://www.bookaid.org

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