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A North Carolina man spent his 59th birthday standing on the corner at a busy intersection in Winston-Salem giving out a wad of $5 bills.

This is the third year Bob Blackley has held up a sign to cars on September 4 offering money — this time giving away $800 to 160 people.

It’s a big surprise to drivers because it looks like the clean-shaven man is begging for money, holding a cardboard sign. Get a little closer and the sign reads: I HAVE a HOME, I HAVE a JOB, COULD YOU USE an EXTRA $5.00?

Many people think they have enough money and tell him to give to someone who needs it more.

(READ the story w/ photo from Fox-8) – Story tip from Kelly Harrington

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Photo: An Oklahoma man, Doug Eaton, gives away money in 2012 


  1. What a great idea. I think I might start doing the same thing! I save money in a money box all year, and then dont really know what to do with it except to buy something that I dont really need!

  2. Hey, John. That would be great! You could write a story or take some selfies for us 🙂

    One of my fave ideas from GNN is to try to get some backpacks for $5 each – after school has started and they’re on sale – and fill them at the dollar store with things for homeless people, and then hand them to someone sitting on the sidewalk. Feel the love as they open and inspect the contents! “Blessing backpacks”

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