Despite previously making a career out of helping humans, this guy is now responsible for helping to give over 20,000 animals a new lease on life.

Derrick Campana is an orthotist who specializes in making prosthetic limbs and customized braces for disabled animals.

Campana has made something of a name for himself as a trailblazer in animal orthotics. In addition to being the first person to build an orthotic brace for an elephant, he is also one of only a few people who has specialized in making braces and prosthetics for animals like kangaroos, goats, camels, sheep, llamas, and deer as well.

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From his office in Sterling, Virginia, Campana has crafted thousands of prosthetics and braces for animals all over the world through his two companies: Bionic Pets and Animal OrthoCare.

He is now trying to share his expertise with other animal care specialists so more and more critters can be given the gift of renewed mobility.

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He hopes that by expanding the interest in his career field, he will simultaneously be able to help disabled animals and bring down the costs of animal prosthetics.

“I want to share the story of what I do and all these animals that have overcome adversity,” Campana told Biz Journals. “It’s all about awareness, and people just aren’t aware that these types of therapies exist, and if they did and they knew they were cost-effective and could really extend the life of their pet, that’s just my goal, is to help all of these animals.”

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Feature photo by Animal OrthoCare

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