Running ultra marathons is impressive enough; but running backwards through one is astounding – and that’s exactly what Farai Chinomwe did for the sake of honeybees.

The South African beekeeper first discovered his knack for running backwards while returning home from a bee removal and his car broke down—with a crateful of anxious pollinators in the back seat.

As Chinomwe pushed his car, he found that he had more strength when he turned around and pushed the vehicle backwards.

From that point forward, he realized that his unique penchant for running backwards might be a way to coax people into think about honeybees.

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Chinomwe has since run dozens of ultra marathons all while facing the wrong way – and for the record, an ultra marathon is any marathon that is longer than the typical 26-mile distance (42 kilometers).

His peculiar habit has proved surprisingly effective in drawing awareness to the plight of honeybees and how people can help. Chinomwe, who runs a bee removal service called Blessed Bee Africa, uses the attention to educate youngsters on beekeeping and how they can nourish local pollinator populations.

(WATCH the video below)

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