Gator-Raccoon-Richard Jones Family photo

Just call him “The Big Rac-kahuna” – a surfing raccoon that hitched a ride on the back of an alligator.

Great-white-egret-Gator-gatorland-Terry-Turner-CCA Florida man says his son startled the raccoon during a family walk in the Ocala National Forest and it scurried onto the gator’s back. Richard Jones says he snapped the shot just before the furry critter realized he was riding a carnivorous reptile and jumped to safety.

It may look ‘photoshopped’, but birds frequently ride alligators — as seen in the photo at right of a great white egret “hanging six” on one of the gators at the Kissimmee, Florida, Gatorland reptile park.

So maybe, like the Beach Boys sang in Surfin’ Safari, it’s a case of, “Everybody’s learning how.”

Photos by Richard Jones, (Egret) Terry Turner, CC

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