This guy has just set a whole new expectation for how to properly spoil your dogs.

Aaron Franks has spent the last two years building a jaw-dropping mini mansion for his four pit bulls: Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia.

The little play-place consists of a tiny backyard pool, hanging ropes and chew toys, an array of luxurious cushions, and a deck to observe their magnificent canine kingdom. It even comes equipped with their very own garden and fire hydrant.

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Franks says that he spent such a long time building the mansion due to financial reasons. Every month, he would go to the hardware store and buy the materials incrementally.

Until finally – despite having no blueprints to work from – his masterpiece was complete.

Franks says that he decided to build the mansion as a means of thanking his dogs for all the love that they have shown him over the years.


While cats may prefer to snub their elegant cat tower in favor of a cardboard box, his pups have reportedly been in love with their palace since its completion – and who could blame them?


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