Micky Thornton’s vision for building a proper pool began when he was a little boy swimming around and feeling like he was trapped in a box. No one would get that impression today in his Tennessee backyard.

He started construction on his dream 25 years ago, and the pool, complete with waterfall, cascading rocks and natural landscaping, is now a national phenomenon where groups pay to come romp in the Memphis sunshine.

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Micky started work on the backyard project in 1993—a place where his wife and family could bring their friends for a swim. His neighbors never imagined the giant watery playground would end up like this 20 years later.

The Thorntons didn’t wanted to charge money for the pool, but after so many people insisted they should collect a fee, the family acquiesced, reports WREG news.

They also take reservations for large groups, family reunions, and weddings through their Facebook page.

(WATCH the Video from WREG News) – Image via WREG video

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