Some people hate the Dallas Mavericks’ team owner Mark Cuban for his brashness and temper, but here is one reason to love him.

With bills from cancer treatment and other financial hardship canceling her wedding several times, Monica Wilkinson decided to reach out to charity organizations for help making their wedding happen.

In January came the devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 ovarian cancer that had spread. But months later came some unexpected good news out of the blue.

Mark Cuban was going to pay for the wedding of her dreams. And, in April, he did.

“Now we actually have those memories that can actually get us through,” the Watauga woman told WFFA. “I can go back and have those pictures now and have a reason to smile. Because I got to feel special and it was all thanks to Mark Cuban.”

(WATCH the video from WFAA below, or read the story on their website)

Thanks to Marlene Rodriguez Kirkham for submitting the link

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