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A high school football player credits his new Apple watch with saving his life.

After he finishing football practice last week, Paul Houle began feeling serious chest and back pain. He checked his heart rate on the watch he’d gotten just three days earlier and saw that his heart was beating 145 times a minute — a rate that’s common during a workout, but not two hours later.Sam-Ray-with-paramedics-Rutherford-county-sherriffs-release-fb

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He alerted his trainer, who rushed him to a local hospital near near Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Doctors found Houle was so badly dehydrated his heart, liver, and kidneys were shutting down. He says he probably wouldn’t have known it in time if the gadget hadn’t warned him how fast his heart was beating.

After the story got out, Apple CEO Tim Cook called Houle to check on him — and offer him a new iPhone and an internship next summer with the tech giant. Reading-text-photoby-Jhaymesisviphotography

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Houle said his heart rate shot up again when he got the call.

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