soldier-swingsRecently an aircraft carrier docked in a port city near where I live in Costa Rica.

Hundreds of US military personnel – Navy and Marines – got off that huge floating city and went into the countryside to help children and families. They worked on repairing schools and building medical clinics.

Talking with them was a real joy. They were on a “high” as they excitedly described having just been stationed in Haiti, where they helped clear debris after the earthquake. With laughter and even tears, they recalled the projects that allowed them to help thousands of people there.

Then, as quickly as they came, they were gone.

The US Military has the potential of becoming the greatest force for CONstruction – instead of DEstruction – the world has ever known. And the people in the military appear to be loving every minute of these kinds of activities.


Barry Stevens is Co-Founder and President of El Puente (The Bridge), which provides educational assistance, food support, and microloans to mainly indigenous people in Costa Rica to help them help themselves to self-sufficiency. Learn more or donate at – or call 1-866-462-7585.

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