What we offer

A Daily Dose of News to Enthuse — The Good News Network® is a clearinghouse for the gathering and dissemination of positive news stories from around the globe. Daily stories will confirm what we already believe — that good news itself is not in short supply; the advertising of it is.

Citizens are invited to submit stories to the network. News professionals in the mainstream media may also contribute to GNN-i so that their optimistic news and commentary receives a wider audience and sustained appreciation.

Why Good News?

Good news can create positive changes — emotionally, physically and materially — in any person’s life no matter their background.

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What we stand for

The Good News Network® is expressing a philosophy. (Read more about the definition of good news.) We will share analysis of current affairs and public opinion that reflect this philosophy of optimism, because many, including well known columnists, are optimistic.

We do not want to polarize with debate but unify upon common ground. We believe the common ground upon which we can find agreement as citizens of the 21st century is based on the traditional values of equality, freedom, responsibility, integrity, and compassion. We believe in striving for cooperation, sustainability, generosity, and oneness — and trying always to love.

What we do

We report on outstanding citizen action to offset the daily barrage of negative news. We showcase innovative solutions to the world’s problems. We feature articles that help to shatter negative stereotypes. We try to uplift our views of government, politicians, the corporate community, the entertainment industry, public schools, religions, inner cities and each other.

Who we do it for

We are Building a Community — People young and old enthused by good news will be eager to share their experiences and thoughts with each other. Our work is dedicated to the enrichment and inspiration of all people. Our values lead us to practice principles and lifestyles that reflect the Good News Philosophy.

Good News Principles pertain to seven categories of our news and lives. GN Principles define our target audience. (Psychographics, like these, can be more important to advertisers than demographics):

Home — Placing an importance on relationships

Recreation — Personal development: find/ honor individuality, purpose, creativity

Business — Quality over Quantity, Community, Responsibility and Sustainability

Health — Healthy living, Mind-body connection, Alternative/Holistic healing

Earth — Wholeness, Living in Peace, Sustainability, Conservation of Species and Biodiversity

Civics — Social Activism, Idealism, Altruism

Inspired! — Openness to new ideas, foreign countries, the mysterious, a passion for life

What goals we’re committed to

  1. To build a community of people enthused by positive news, eager to participate with each other, and dedicated to the enrichment and inspiration of all.
  2. To create a shift in the public’s paradigm of what news IS.
  3. The mainstream media needs a reorientation to be able to fairly reflect society today and to humanely serve the society of tomorrow. We want to spark that transformation.
  4. To create a revenue-generating model for good news programming that can be franchised around the world.
  5. To amass 5 million returning readers for the Web site within 18 months of launching a mobile app.
  6. To publish our content in a variety of media beyond the Internet.

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