moose-calf.jpgThis sounds like something out of Readers’ Digest, but recently a neighbor went for a walk up Falls Creek (near our home), found a baby moose in some distress in the creek, got him out of the creek, tried to send him on his way, tried to find the mother, but eventually the moose stumbled back into the creek, was rescued again, and followed Jonathon home.

Jonathon has only a small cabin so took the moose to another neighbour, who took these photos. I have never even seen moose in this area, so am bewildered that a baby moose would be on its own way up a mountainous creek.

They took the moose the next day to Helen Jamieson in Blewett, who looks after wild animals.  She put it in a pen with a fawn.  Apparently the moose calf-deer fawn combo is excruciatingly cute.



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