Audrey and Figo ASPCA dog of year submitted

A golden retriever guide dog was honored this week with the title of ASPCA 2015 Dog of the Year for his courage and loyalty in the face of danger.

Last June, Figo was helping his blind owner, Audrey Stone, cross a major street in Brewster, New York.

As they did, a bus was quickly approaching.

Acting as much on his innate courage as his Guide Dog Foundation training, Figo immediately put himself in the path of the bus, sustaining a severe injury but successfully protecting Audrey.

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Even after getting injured, Figo did not leave his owner’s side until help arrived.

While Audrey mended in the hospital, and media reports touted the retriever’s heroic deed, Figo recovered at a local veterinarian’s office, when the cost of his treatment picked up by an anonymous benefactor.

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Weeks later, the two were joyously reunited – and the latest “Dog of the Year” award reminds them both of their enduring bond of friendship.

(Photos courtesy of ASPCA)

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