brian_williams_by_david_shankbone.jpgNBC news anchor Brian Williams’ viewers wrote in droves last week to urge him to uplift the ‘Nightly News’ broadcasts with some good news. He was shocked at the thousands of responses he received in less than two days after asking viewers to suggest some good news to report.

‘I’m looking at a stack of printed e-mails,’ Williams said Friday. ‘We have more stories than we could humanly cover if we combined all three network newscasts. It’s hit an unbelievable nerve.’

Williams said he’s been hearing it repeatedly from people he meets on the street or viewers who send e-mails: The news is so bad every night that it’s a burden to watch. (Read full AP story at

Photo of Brian Williams at 2008 Tribeca Film Festival by David Shankbone 


  1. “hit an unbelievable nerve” indeed. The people in America are so far ahead of our politicians and mainstream media; nevertheless, I am heartened to see NBC taking the time to do this broadcast.

  2. I gave up watching the TV news some time ago because it is so negative. Recently, I phoned the editor of my newspaper and said (through his personal assistant) that I’d had enough of bad news and was mad as hell (remember Peter Finch in Network?) and asked that they change focus to include some good news.

    An American blogger on Facebook who also likes to be uplifted told me about your website. It’s great. I’d love more international stories so I could get my news fix with some Australian relevance. Let’s start an international movement and change the mood.

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