One-horned rhinoceros in Nepal-Wikimedia-CommonsA National Rhino Census in Nepal released Saturday showed the rhinoceros population increasing 22 percent since 2008.

The animal count, conducted in three national parks, recorded 534 rhinos, an increase of 99 animals over the previous total of 435. The positive numbers reflect the success of conservation efforts for this species, following a decade of civil war, a result of improved anti-poaching measures and management of habitat.

The rhinos were counted simultaneously in Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve of Nepal’s Terai Arc Landscape, the combined effort of Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, WWF, which provided technical as well as financial support, and the National Trust for Nature Conservation.

“This is a fine example of working together where all conservation partners and local communities are contributing to the conservation efforts of the Government of Nepal,” says Krishna Prasad Acharya, Director General of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation.

Photo: One-horned rhinoceros in Nepal, Wikimedia-Commons

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