ruminating-Ivana Vasilj-foter-CCWhen Teri Mahaney’s grandson was relentlessly bullied and suffered negative effects, she created an audio program to play while he fell asleep. The positive affirmations helped to guide the boy down a healing path, so she decided to give away the program to other youth who could benefit, rather than selling them as a businesswoman through her SuperSleep line of programs.

Mahaney uses theta brain wave technology to create recordings to be played during sleep. “The theta state, or sleep state, is when our brains download the day’s events and consolidate its memories,” said Mahaney. “My programs simply neutralize the negative memories and introduce new positive thought patterns, so the person can heal and move on – usually better than before.”

She created 6 MP3s which are available for free on the website:

Bullying has come to the forefront in America over the last decade, with 77% of students report having been bullied. Most of the time there is no intervention. The targets often end up with low self esteem and poor school performance. They can also develop anxiety, depression, violence, and lead to suicide.

“Nearly all the existing bullying programs address awareness and prevention,” says Mahaney, “I don’t see anything to help the millions of kids that have been bullied and are hurting.”

She created a nonprofit to bring her healing MP3s to anyone who needs it.

The 6 Heal Bullyiing MP3s are (1) I Stand Up to Bullying, (2) I’m Over the Hurt, (3) I’m Smart About Social Media, (4) I Feel Good About Myself, (5) I Get Along at School, (6) I Hang Out With the Right Kids.  Each MP3 has 100 statements on it, all carefully written based on Mahaney’s research into bullying and her 25 years of experience working with the neuroscience of positive affirmation.

To download the free MP3s anytime, go to

For more information on Dr. Mahaney’s Change Your Mind SuperSleep® program, including the research, Q&A, and testimonials, go to

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