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In the competitive news business, it’s rare for TV stations to help one another out, but even network affiliate rivals can work together to broadcast acts of kindness.

That’s exactly what folks in the newsroom of KOCO-TV did after the sudden passing of a beloved broadcaster in Oklahoma City.

Employees at KFOR-TV, where Bob Barry, Jr. was a broadcast legend, wanted to pay their respects at his funeral last week, but needed to stay behind to run the television station.

The rival media outlet across town offered to staff the newsroom so more of Barry’s colleagues could attend.

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“I’ve heard from all the news directors in Oklahoma City who all, independent of each other, reached out upon hearing the news of Bob’s death,” KFOR News Director Carlton Houston told The Oklahoma Daily. “Bobby was a very special guy and a dear, beloved friend.”

Bob Barry, Jr., who died in a scooter accident this month, was a second-generation sports director at KFOR-TV. He replaced his father at the anchor desk, where Bob Barry, Sr. had been a fixture on local news for more than 40 years.

(READ more at The Oklahoma Daily) – Photo: KFOR fb, Story Tip from Amanda Harvey

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